This section presents the working documents published so far.
We welcome your comments and suggestions on these working documents as this will help us improve them and will allow the Commission to take note of your views.

Note that your comments may be included in draft and final reports that are made public.
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Date Subject
January 2015 No documents issued yet
2 June 2015 INTERIM REPORT FRIDGE REVIEW - 2 June 2015 (3).pdf
2 June 2015 CECED Definition of ambient temperature.PDF
  CECED FF compensation factor US_EU_CN .PDF
  CECED GlobalStandard_ProductOverview_V7.xlsx
  CECED Overview of Chinese performance standard.PDF
  CECED Report_15127_CE40_V2_ImpactGlobalStandard.pdf
  CECED Note_15116_CE12_V6_Cold_ProductCategories.pdf
  CECED Note_15225_CE13_V2_Cold_BuiltIn_Categories.pdf
3 June 2015 TOPTEN Latest market analysis whitegoods (excl freezers).pdf
1 July 2015 Presentation 1 July 2015 SH meeting Household Refrigeration.pdf
  Final Minutes of the 1st Stakeholder meeting 01072015.pdf
15 July 2015 NL - Comments interim report - draft 150715.pdf
14 November 2015 Draft Task Report 1-6
17 December 2015 Presentation Refrigerators- SH meeting 14 december 2015.pdf
  Presentations Martien Janssen.pdf
  CECED Note_15423_CE15_V2_TechnicalAnalysis.pdf
  CECED Note_15424_CE16_V1_LCC.pdf
  CECED LCC Model.xlsm
  CECED Technical Model.xlsm
  Tech_model VHK_Armines Chapter9.xlsx
January 2016 ANEC_BEUC comments on preparatory study on refrigerating appliances_Task 1-6.pdf
  BAM_UBA comments on the draft report on household refrigeration.pdf
  Coolproducts-Topten input on domestic refrigeration - January 2016.pdf
  Coolproducts-Topten policy scenario proposals on domestic refrigeration.pdf
  CECED Note_15420_CE14_V3_CECED_CommentsToInterimReport_ColdEcoDesignLabelRevie.pdf
  CECED Note_15423_CE15_V6_InterimReport_ColdEcoDesignLabelReview_TechnicalAnalysis-1.pdf
  CECED Note_16104_CE17_V2_InterimReport_ColdEcoDesignLabelReview_ChillCompensat.pdf
  Final Minutes of the 2nd Stakeholder meeting 14122015.pdf
  Dometic input to draft 1-6 report.pdf
March 2016 Household Refrigeration Review FINAL REPORT 20160304.pdf
  Household Refrigeration Review ANNEX H 20160304.pdf
  Household Refrigeration Review TECHNOLOGY ROADMAP FINAL 20160304.pdf
February 2017 Complementary research refrigeration and food waste.pdf